Maniac Lures Technical Specifications

The Maniac lures specifications chart below shows the weights and Lengths of our most popular handmade big game fishing baits along with an illustration of the body shape of each lure. We also included a suggestion for the hook size and brand which is in our view best suited to that particular lure model.
NOTE: These are only suggestions for hook type and size. We encourage anyone who uses our products to think outside the box when tackling up for the different situations that big game fishing throws at you.
All weights shown are approximate weight of lure after hooks and split rings are added. Note: Maniac big game saltwater lures are supplied without hooks.
It is also becoming more popular to use large circle jigging hooks instead of trebles, this method of attaching the hooks borrowed from the jigging community can produce more hookup’s as-well as causing less damage to the captured fish. We also understand that many anglers prefer thier own choices and so all our lures are supplied without hooks or split rings.
Image of the maniac Big Game saltwater lures range showing technical specifications

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